A Passion for Clarity​​
  1. Editing
    My goal is to make sure that what you want to say is what ends up on your page (or website). Depending on your project, that could mean editing for overall logic, or perhaps just line-editing and proofreading.
  2. Although I work only in English, I work with writers worldwide, thanks to modern communication technology such as Skype.
  3. Consulting/Collaboration
    Not sure exactly what you want to say? Need help refining your thesis or message? Or even help getting started with a draft? Let's talk.
It all started with a high school English teacher who had a gruff demeanor (he was also the school's baseball coach). He inspired me to study grammar and earn a 5 on the AP English Language and Composition Exam. Several years later, after managing a record store and completing an undergraduate degree in Math/Applied Science, I returned to writing. I was transferring to UCLA Law School, and entered a write-on competition to earn a place on Law Review. I managed to write a good enough paper to get on. And in my second year I even served as a Production Editor (the final check in the editing process for published articles), because of the reputation I had earned for thoroughness. Still, looking back, I was a pretty terrible writer.

Only after completing a PhD in Philosophy did I think my own writing was passable. Now, after many years teaching philosophy and law to both undergraduate and graduate students, I am much more sensitive to the difference between what's in an author's head, and what ends up on the page (or computer screen). In addition to teaching, and publishing my own work, I've been called upon many times to edit the work of friends and colleagues. It's something I've always found challenging and rewarding, as well as something for which I've often received praise. 

I invite you to allow me to bring my years of experience to bear on your writing projects, large or small.
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